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Terms & Conditions

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Every professional effort would be made by MUSHROOM WORLD UMBRELLA to treat and handle this information provided here as confidential. However, by signing and applying to MUSHROOM WORLD UMBRELLA for incubation assistance on this application form, you agree not to make any claim or demand compensation unconditionally in any form, at any point of time, now or any time in future, on the information / technology details provided by you here as trade secret or proprietary intellectual property. This information is required by MUSHROOM WORLD UMBRELLA to assess the candidature for the purpose of providing incubation services. Further MUSHROOM WORLD UMBRELLA does not guarantee acceptance of your proposal until and unless the selection process is over and MUSHROOM WORLD UMBRELLA has the right to reject any proposal without assigning any reason what so ever. MUSHROOM WORLD UMBRELLA will not pay any compensation to you in any form for the delay in communicating the decision or rejecting the proposal at its own discretion